Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pros and cons of different company name types

If you're in the process of naming (or re-naming) your company, then check out "10 company name types on TechCrunch: Pros and cons" on The Name Inspector blog.

The Name Inspector seems most negative on names that are composed of initials or acronyms or people's names.

I discovered The Name Inspector's post on Guy Kawasaki's blog, where he listed the Inspector's 10 name types:
  1. Real words

  2. Compounds

  3. Phrases

  4. Blends

  5. Tweaked words

  6. Affixed words

  7. Made up or obscure origin

  8. Puns

  9. People’s names (real or fictitious)

  10. Initials and Acronyms

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Edit Yourself by Bruce Ross-Larson

I love Bruce Ross-Larson's Edit Yourself. It's the first book I recommend to the students when I coach them on writing.

It's a wonderful reference book for how to strengthen your writing. You can look up specific usage questions or read and digest a chapter at your leisure. At less than $11 for the paperback, it's a great deal.

I've posted an Amazon link to the book on my blog. You'll find it in the right-hand column.

I'll add new Amazon links from time to time. They'll always be books I've read.

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"How to write exquisite subheads"

Copyblogger accurately notes in "How to write exquisite subheads" that subheads can turn scanners into readers.

I especially like his advice that a subhead should "express a clear and complete benefit."

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The two most important words are...

Copyblogger's lessons in "The two most important words in blogging" apply equally to any form of marketing communication. Pay attention because using these words will make your communications more persuasive.

See if you can guess the two words before you surf to Copyblogger's site. If you have attended my presentations on writing investment commentary, you should know one of the two answers.

I must again credit Michael Stelzner's Writing White Papers blog with pointing me to an interesting post.


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