Saturday, January 26, 2008

A tip that'll make your white paper more effective

Your white paper should include a "carefully crafted list of requirements that the reader must consider when looking for a solution," suggests Michael Stelzner in "The ‘White Paper’ Secret Weapon (Don’t Share This!)."

In other words, he says, you're providing a "what to look for list" that readers may use as their buying guide. Of course, there's a hidden agenda: "The idea is to fabricate a list that ONLY one company can possibly meet–yours!"

I have qualms about creating a list that only your company can satisfy. That may undercut the apparent objectivity that's one of a white paper's strengths.

By the way, Michael came up with a nice title for his blog post. I like the use of "secret weapon" and "don't share this!"

Monday, January 14, 2008

Use "myself" more

If you're a typical American, you sometimes say "myself" when you should say "me" or "I."

"Me, Myself and I," an opinion essay by Collin Levy in
The Wall Street Journal (Jan. 14, 2008), hones in on how presidential candidates are over-using "myself." Misuse can change the meaning of a sentence.

The right way to use "myself"? "...the classically-approved usage of 'myself' is as an intensive ('I myself feel that way') or reflexive ('I hurt myself')."

Proper usage will enhance your credibility with members of your audience who care about grammar.

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