Thursday, February 23, 2006 on how public companies attract the right kind of shareholders

How can public companies attract the right kind of shareholders?

Check out this article by Tom Brown of

He suggests you stop holding quarterly earnings calls because that encourages "short-termism."

His five additional suggestions include one that should be music to the ears of communications professionals: "install a strong manager of investor relations."


Top three characteristics of most popular blogs

The most popular blogs are:
  • Honest
  • Fast
  • Have at least one of the three C's -- They are conversational or confrontational or critical
This according to Todd Van Hoosear of Topaz Partners. He was one of four participants in a Yankee IABC panel on "Navigating the Blogosphere." The other participants were:

Sunday, February 19, 2006

T. Ahern on the four flaws of your newsletter

What are the four reasons people don't read your newsletter?

They're explained in "Newsletters Part 1: Why People Ignore Your Newsletter," an article in "
LOVE THY READER: The Science & Secrets of Effective Nonprofit Communications by Tom Ahern," an e-newsletter.

In the same issue, Ahern explains how to fix "Flaw #1: They don't use 'news-like language.' " He covers the remaining flaws in subsequent issues of his e-newsletter.

Ahern is an expert on non-profit communications. I discovered him when I took his workshop on that topic.