Saturday, January 26, 2008

A tip that'll make your white paper more effective

Your white paper should include a "carefully crafted list of requirements that the reader must consider when looking for a solution," suggests Michael Stelzner in "The ‘White Paper’ Secret Weapon (Don’t Share This!)."

In other words, he says, you're providing a "what to look for list" that readers may use as their buying guide. Of course, there's a hidden agenda: "The idea is to fabricate a list that ONLY one company can possibly meet–yours!"

I have qualms about creating a list that only your company can satisfy. That may undercut the apparent objectivity that's one of a white paper's strengths.

By the way, Michael came up with a nice title for his blog post. I like the use of "secret weapon" and "don't share this!"


Anonymous Michael Stelzner said...

Hey Susan;

There is no such thing as an objective white paper.



9:14 PM  
Blogger SusanW said...

You'll notice I said "apparent objectivity."

7:27 AM  

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