Friday, July 27, 2007

8 quick tips on making your website irresistible to radio producers

Here's some useful website/PR advice from Eric Carroll of Radio Publicity.

Hi As I promised in my last tip, here's 8 quick tips on making your website irresistible to producers ... (Please forward this e-mail to anyone it might help)

1. Be sure you have a clearly labeled media page on your website.

2. Your media page should have all of your direct contact info (cell phone, home phone, office phone and e-mail) at the top ... as well as a nice picture of you.

3. Your picture should have a caption under it with your name and credentials. I'll talk more about credentials in a future tip, but for now just know that there are two kinds of credentials: * Letters behind your name ... MD, Phd, CEO, Professor, etc. * Personal experience ... "Ex-Airport Security Screener" (reveals how get through security with your clothes on) Both are qualified to speak on their topics, however the media often prefer the guest with the real first hand experience.

4. If you have been on any major shows or networks, feature their little logos or icons prominently on your media page. They give you enormous credibility instantly.

5. Same goes for mastheads of major newspapers and magazines that you've been featured in.

6. If you've worked for or with any major companies ... make a "Clients include" list and use their little logos too.

7. Feature celebrity quotes prominently if you have them.

8. Most importantly, you need to have short audio or video clips of you talking (preferably being interviewed) so they can hear you and/or see you in action. I use a service called Audio Video Acrobat to host and play the audios and videos on my site: http://www.AudioVideoAcrobat.comYou can use YouTube or Google Video, but just know that when you do, you surrender all rights to your recording to them, and later on they may decide to sell ads to your competitors and attach them to your video. (You can pretty much count on it actually)

In my next tip I'll share yet another great fill-in-the-blank formula you can use to create a show pitch guaranteed to grab a producer's attention virtually every time. To get my entire database of the Biggest 1,364 radio shows in America (all have at least 100,000 listeners), complete with show descriptions and number of listeners for each show, visit my website: Mine is the only database available of just the big shows ... all others are loaded with little podunk shows. Until next time ... take care, AlexAlex@RadioPublicity.comAceCo Publishers924 Chapala St., Suite DSanta Barbara, CA93101US If you no longer wish to receive communication from us: update your contact information: Also, you can get a f.r.e.e list of the Top 20 Nationally Syndicated Radio shows when you visit my site.


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