Saturday, July 01, 2006

H Stimpson: PR pinball—how one placement can lead to another

An article by PR expert Henry Stimpson follows below.

Obtaining media coverage is like planting seeds. Seed the media with ideas and cultivate relationships, and some of the seeds will sprout. And a blossom in one medium can lead to powerful propagation in another.

For financial advisor Frank Congemi, we wrote and pitched a story idea on financial gerontology and what Registered Financial Gerontologists like Frank do to help their clients. It resulted in a feature article in the New York Post.

Where do TV reporters get most of their story ideas from? They read newspapers. The Post article attracted the attention of a reporter at the NBC TV affiliate in New York City. The resulting feature-length story on Channel 4 featured both Frank and two of his clients—an even better placement. Frank posted the video on his Web site, and you can view it at

Here’s another example. We placed a bylined article on equity-indexed annuities in InvestmentNews, a top trade magazine, for Mitchell Maynard, owner of MCP Premium, a software company. A reporter at Dow Jones News Service read the article, interviewed Mitch and put out a national wire story prominently quoting him as an expert.

Cross-fertilization works, and the beauty of it is that is usually happens on its own.



Anonymous Michael Wagner said...

Thanks for pulling back the curtain to show lay people like myself the dynamics of placement. As a relatively new professional speaker and branding coach this is all very helpful.

Keep creating, Mike

1:45 PM  

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