Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tetsou: "7 Deadly Sins of Email"

Tetsou's "7 Deadly Sins of Email" is on target with this list of email sins:
  1. Inappropriate subject line
  2. Content that is too long or just rambles on
  3. Attaching huge files
  4. Unnecessary reply
  5. No signature file
  6. Poor use of language
  7. Failure to respond promptly or not at all
Tetsou explains each of these sins in more detail.

I suggest you pay particular attention to your subject line. Write clearly, indicating what action the recipient should take. For example, when I'm researching an article on deadline, I often write something like "Please reply by JULY 4 re: Reporter questions for Wealth Manager magazine."

By the way, I discovered Tetsou's post through a reference on the blog.



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